Okina Wax Salon

    Body Waxing  &  Facial  & Massage


    ( Waxing, Facial , Massage)

Facial Waxing

Brows                                      1,300 yen

​Lips(top and lower)         1,200 yen

 Nose                                        1,000 yen

Chin                                          1,1,00 yen

​Side Burns                            1,500 yen

Full Face                                 4,000 yen

Body Waxing

Under Arms                              2,300 yen

Half Arms                                   2,000 yen

Full Arms                                    3,000 yen

Abdomen                                    2,000 yen

Chest                                            3,000 yen

Back                                               5,000 yen  

Buttocks                                        2,000 yen

Bikini & Brazilian (female only)

Bikini                                            4,500 yen        

Brazilian                                      6,000 yen

---Okina Facial Treatment---

                                 60min/6,000 yen    

Facial is the best way to maintain your clear, healthy skin, and also gives you relaxing time. Everybody's skin is different, but the facial I offer sooth any kind of skin types, whether skin is dry, oily, or a combination of two. You will feel deeply relaxed after the treatment. Okina facial has 5 steps to bring you a

healthy skin.

1-  Cleansing

​     Remove any make up or excess with mild cleanser

2- Facial Massage

    include shoulders,neck, and decolluete

3- Skin Vacuum or Galvanic treatment( Your choice)

4- Facial Mask

​     Hydrate and rejuvenate  the skin

5- Final Touches/ Serum  liquid lotion

Body Massage

45 min Half Body                 4,000 yen

(Upper body or legs)

60min Body                              6,000 yen

(Full body)

90min Full Body                     9,000 yen

(Full body, add head and abdominal with your choice)