What to Expect for Your First Waxing

Nervous about getting your first Brazilian wax? To help with your nerves, here is what to expect at your appointment.

  1. Make an appointment online or call me.
  2. Shower and wear comfortable clothes. If you are coming straight from work, no worries.There is a cleaner pad which you can use here.
  3. Once you arrive at the salon, you will fill out a form.,
  4. I will explain about waxing.
  5. In the waxing room, you will remove your bottom clothing.
    If you have a dress, you can just remove your underwear and lay down on the table.
    There is a towel you can use to cover your bottom.
  6. Let’s wax!
  7. You will be laying down on your back, and I will ask you to move your legs during waxing. Not so much awkward position!
  8. If you don’t feel comfortable with pain, consider a bikini wax on your first try.
  9. Done! Finish with lotion and I will give you tips on your after wax care.

Not so much different from going to a nail appointment, right? No need to be nervous and relax. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy waxing.