Will regular waxing reduce the pain?

If you search how often you should get wax, most of the sites say once in 4-5 days.

Some salon recommend once in 3 weeks.

Do you know why the most of the salon recommend to get wax once in 4-5 weeks?


The answer is regular waxing will reduce the pain.

There is another benefit too, but let’s think why regular waxing will ease the pain.



Our body hairs have growth hair cycle.

The length of hair cycle is different by each body parts.

Hair of the head has 5 to 6 years of life span.

Pubic hair has 1 to 2 years of life span.

That’s why pubic hair will never grow too long like hair of the head.


Each hair has it own cycle and grow at the different time.


Hair growth cycle has three phases. Anagen(growth phase),Catagen, and Telogen(resting phase).

About 90 % of all hairs are in growth phase, 1 to 2 % is in Catagen phase, rest of are in Talogen phase.


After your first Brazilian waxing, it usually stays hairless for a week.

Hair will start to grow after 1 week to 10 days, depends on the person.

These hair is not the one you waxed on your first Brazilian waxing.

These hair is the one which was slowly growing underneath.

After 4 weeks you will notice less hair grow back after your first waxing.


That is the reason why less pain on your second or third time of your waxing.


Less hairs grow back!

Less hair, less pain.


I experienced myself.


No waxing for 3 months, wax once in 4 weeks, and once in 2 weeks.


4 weeks is the best because it was less pain.

Hairs were too short and not much hair in 2 weeks.


So, this is the reason why you should stay on regular schedule for Brazilian waxing.

Regular waxing will reduce the pain.

Let’s stay on schedule:)